Friday, September 30, 2011


"But among you it will be different.
Whoever wants to be a leader among you must be your servant”
Matthew 20:26 (NLT)

NB: I’ve decided to accompany every post with a Bible verse from here on out (assuming I stick with it). It lends consistency and theme to an otherwise scattered conglomeration of thoughts.

A note on leadership.

Leadership is a hierarchy. Just because you’re given a position of relative authority over others within an organization does not give you final say in all affairs of that organization. Unless, of course, you’re personally the Creator. And since none of us is the Almighty Creator or even remotely close to a founder/CEO position, those of us in leadership positions in the Tufts Christian Fellowship need to just deal with it.

That said, it pains me to no end when I hear insensitive and close-minded complaints about the higher leadership. Our staff are amazing. There are certain ways in which they operate that, yes, can be difficult to swallow at times. But they are a spiritual authority and source of guidance for us, and if we can rely on them for the spiritual (aka important) stuff, why does that faith not translate over to administration and vision as well?

Vision. I admire their vision so much. I want to participate in that vision this year, no matter how ambitious or implausible it may seem right now. We need faith. Without it, we can’t do God’s work. We must humble our own hearts and view ourselves as servants before we can be true leaders that contribute to the heart, soul, and growth of this community.


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